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Cornelius Thompson is half Czech Half American married with 2 kids living in Japan. He Founded Life In Japanimation in 2008 to Show his friends and family his new life in Japan. Shortly after creating the site Cory decided to alter the entire structure into a more personal photography blog to show what he liked to do in his spare time.

Sunday Drive Over Red Bridge

Photo – Sunday Drive Over Red Bridge

This was taken in the heart of Okutama right next to Scotts Photo Okutama Post Box photo.

Prior to getting this car in the shot I attempted to get at least 5 others and couldn’t get one that worked well.

looking back I wish I had worked on this photo a little more but I like to look back and learn from my mistakes for the next go around.

Camera Canon EOS 7D Aperture f/4.5 ISO 200 Focal Length 10mm (16mm in 35mm)


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