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Cornelius Thompson is half Czech Half American married with 2 kids living in Japan. He Founded Life In Japanimation in 2008 to Show his friends and family his new life in Japan. Shortly after creating the site Cory decided to alter the entire structure into a more personal photography blog to show what he liked to do in his spare time.

Lanterns In Hand With Sakura


Since it was 4th of July I decided to take a day off from posting and I was in the middle of renovating my network at home and hanging out with my Son.Consider this a freebie for me.

Photo – Lanterns In Hand With Sakura

Around mid April I went out during the height of the Sakura and took these right around the train station in Kaneko.
I found it is very difficult to HDR Sakura but I worked with it as much I felt like after 3 beers.


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  • http://twitter.com/NyNy_x NyNy ♛ ナイナイ

    The lanterns are beautiful!